How to avoid making enemies?

Somesh Prajapati
2 min readJan 8, 2021
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We try to correct someone but they don’t listen, we try to make our point to someone but they are unable to understand, they start arguing. And after sometime the conversation becomes heated up. And then our mind gets disturbed.

After this incident we may or may not talk to them. This type of situations occurs in our life in a regular basis and on the way we make many enemies or acquaintance whom we don’t like or they may not like us. I faced this issues in my personal life too. And its very common because the reason is sometimes we are so engrossed in keeping our point over others that we forget that I may be wrong or the other person may be right. We all just try to satisfy our ego in this situation. And what is the result of all these? I may be thinking that “ Yes, I was right, and I proved them” but what about the relationship between you and them. Is it strong now? after you have somehow or other proved your point?

These are the things we should try to question before we are about to enter a conversation. We should keenly try to listen and try to understand what other person is trying to say by putting ourselves in their shoes. Because there is always a reason on why someone say something. This will help in minimizing the conversation to short and fruitful one. And even if you think that there is something wrong in other persons thought, till then also you can avoid getting in chaotic conversation. How? By politely questioning them to understand their point and them politely presenting your thoughts. Like this “ I have a little different thought on this, but it may be wrong because I am sometimes wrong. So please correct me if you think so”. What this will this do is they will listen to what you have to say very keenly because you have not tried to hinder their EGO, but showed that you may be wrong.

So, the conclusion is we should try to not only listen but try to understand what the other person is trying to convey by keeping yourself on their shoe or position in life and next try convey your thought politely without hurting their ego. By practicing this you will see that they are listening to your point with interest and also accepting it also. But I must say that this practice is not easy because our EGO always wants to be satisfied, therefore we should always practice this habit everywhere.

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Somesh Prajapati

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